About us

Our standard

Our standard to ourselves is to find the best offer and to provide it. The desired comfort, proximity to the location and, of course, the pricing play a big role in that.

Our team

Ludwig Schulze Pröbsting

Managing director


Silvia Kiesewetter

Head of administration


Marc Minerbe

Management of customers / projects minerbe@LSPservice.de

Jurate Sauer

Management of customers / projects


Kerstin Poétes

Our location

LSP Service utilises office rooms in the „Office Park Rheinbach“ to assist their clients with their projects.

This is the address:

Office Park Rheinbach
Industriestr. 41a
53359 Rheinbach

Though,the company seat and billing address remains at:

Wilkensstr. 51
53913 Swisttal

The background

In 2011 it all started with the search and rental of appartments for lithuanian companies.

At first that service was performed by LSP Rhein Label.

Steady growth required the foundation of LSP Service in 2014, taking over provided services.

Meanwhile even in EU-membering countries are appartments / accomodations being rented.

Don`t hesitate to contact us:

LSP Service GmbH & Co. KG

Wilkensstraße 51
D-53913 Swisttal-Odendorf

Tel. +49 2255 305 9020
Fax +49 2255 952340

E-Mail: info@LSPservice.de

LSP Service GmbH & Co. KG

Wilkensstraße 51
D-53913 Swisttal-Odendorf


TEL: 02255 305 9020
FAX: 02255 952340
E-Mail: info@LSPservice.de
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